Andrew Bacher-Hicks

Assistant Professor of Education, Boston University

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Working Papers:

COVID-19 and the Composition of the Massachusetts Teacher Workforce (with Olivia Chi and Alexis Orellana)

Revise and Resubmit at Educational Researcher

Media: Time, WBUR, FiveThirtyEight

Updated slides (with Fall 2021 data): Slides

The School to Prison Pipeline: Long-Run Impacts of School Suspensions on Adult Crime (with David Deming and Stephen Billings)

Revise and Resubmit at AEJ: Policy

Additional Formats: Policy Brief, EducationNext

Media: BusinessInsider

Validating Teacher Effect Estimates Using Changes in Teacher Assignment in Los Angeles (with Tom Kane and Doug Staiger)

Revise and Resubmit at AEJ: Policy

Media: Washington Post, FiveThirtyEight

Summary: Brookings

Social Costs of Proactive Policing: The Impact of NYC’s Stop and Frisk Program on Educational Attainment (with Elijah de la Campa)

Media: New York Times, Chalkbeat

The Impact of NYC's Stop and Frisk Program on Crime: The Role of Police Commanders (with Elijah de la Campa)

Explaining Teacher Effects on Achievement Using Measures from Multiple Research Traditions (with Mark Chin, Heather Hill, & Doug Staiger)

The Effects of Within-School Student-Teacher Matching (with Chris Avery)

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The Effects of Retirement Incentives on Teacher Turnover and Workforce Composition

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